To our wonderful clients:

It has been a majesticly great pleasure serving you but it is in sincere regret that we inform you that Level Salon Studio will no longer be in operation in Pearland.

Growth is a good thing. Our fast dash to growth was exciting and served as validation for our marketing strategies, ideas, work ethic and sacrifices. But with fast growth comes challenges that turns into hazards that could impede any business.

All in all we had a great run! We had breakthroughs and breakdowns. Successes and failures. Made many, many friends and we also made a few enemies. We’ve laughed, cried and had feelings of both inspiration and frustration.

I say all the time that “Business Is Life On All Levels”…

One of the main goals in opening such an operation was to help others build their clientele that could change their lifestyle and we can go on to the next chapter without a doubt knowing that mission was accomplised!

With that being said, most of you should have received some communication from your perspective stylist.

Jody will be taking her talents to River Oaks. Click below if you’d like to continue being styled by Jody.


Again we thank you for your patronage and being apart of our lives. We also thank our stylists for playing a part in this journey of life and business.  You all taught us invaluble lessons that we will cherish, learn and grow from.


Bam & Jody

P.S. If you’d like to connect with us personally on social media below are some links…

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